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Delilah Bon

'Delilah Bon' Debut album (Alternate Artwork Splatter Vinyl) 2021

'Delilah Bon' Debut album (Alternate Artwork Splatter Vinyl) 2021

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The 12" 'Alternate Artwork' vinyl comes in Blue Vinyl with Pink Splatter Effect and features alternative front and back covers to the standard album vinyl.

Each vinyl comes with a lyric booklet, all artwork and music by Delilah Bon you selected 'signed' and you want it personalised, please leave me notes at checkout! 

 *please note these are just mock-ups and the colours of the vinyl may differ*


1. Freak Of The Week

2. Soul Sisters

3. Bad Attitude

4. Where My Girls At?

5. School

6. Red Dress

7. Chiquitita

8. Chop Dicks

9. Homework

10. Devil

11. War On Women

12. I Get The Feelin'

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